This program is for companies that are offering a product or service that is applicable for a number of different divisions/position titles within each company. TII uses its recruiting name gathering skills and processes to build a list of multiple Decision Makers within each company on our client�s list.

Eight years ago, or so, Telemarketing Institute�s Name Gathering Process was much different. We would call a company, speak with the receptionist/secretary, ask for a name of the title we were seeking on behalf of our client and the receptionist/secretary would usually courteously give us the name, full title, spelling, etc.

How things have changed over the years! Companies NOW carefully guard against giving out names unless a very good reason is given. This reason needs to be something other than that a company is prospecting for potential customers.

With this in mind, Telemarketing Institute, Inc. (TII) developed a Name Gathering Process, made up of 3 Contacts, that makes it possible to secure the names of Decision Makers in a variety of titles or divisions within each company on their list. The following is a summary of three Contacts that TII makes to do this list building.



In our process a Name-Gathering Call is made to the companies on the list to secure names for the titles our client is seeking � or vice versa.

The Name-Gathering Call Handling Process
Our phone reps use a variety of �Trojan Horse� Scenarios to uncover the names that fit the title/s our client is seeking. Each company on the list is called multiple times over several days by different callers using a different �Trojan Horse� Scenario to acquire the desired names our client is seeking

Examples of �Trojan Horse� Scenarios
We use a variety of �Trojan Horse� scenarios to encourage the secretary/receptionist to give the names of people with a particular title/s. The following are examples of some of the scenarios we use to secure the names of people with various titles from the secretary/receptionist:

  • asking to send information about an upcoming workshop to the (give title � or say, ��.to the person responsible for��.) and secure name and title in this way

  • calling about an upcoming trade show that we researched on the Internet

  • call doing market research re: a new magazine/other



If the numbers of names we secure in the Contact 1 Name Gathering does not produce the results we want, we:

  • make calls after hours to these companies to access the company�s phone directory and record the names for the various title/s that are available and then

  • call these names during business hours to determine titles and to ask for names of people within the firm with different titles that are being sought



A follow-up call is then made to the secretary/receptionist to:

  • confirm names and titles we obtained and

  • verify that the list of names secured for the titles desired is as complete as possible


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