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Option of Adding Lead Generation

Database Clean/Updating/Name Gathering can be a stand alone program or can be combined with Lead Generation when the phone numbers on the list are direct dial numbers for:
� prospects who have been contacted by one of our client company reps
� inactive customers or low sales volume customers

The following description explains our Database Clean-up/Updating/Name Gathering process and how our Lead Generation combination process is done depending on the list we are provided.



When the numbers on the List are, for the most part, not direct dial numbers, TII reps verify and/or secure the information our client wants collected from the secretary or receptionist, such as:

Verify the Decision Maker�s (DM�s) name on the list IS STILL THE PERSON responsible for the decision making regarding what our client is seeking. If the (Name on the list) still has this responsibility, our reps:

  • verify all the contact information for the DM that is in the data base

  • ask for any other contact information our client wants that is not in the database, i.e., fax number, e-mail address, best time to reach a DM, etc.

If the Decision Maker�s (DM�s) name on the list IS NOT THE PERSON responsible for handling the decision making which our client is seeking, we:

  • identify the name of an alternate person who has this decision making responsibility

  • ask for the contact data for the Alternate Name , i.e., fax, e-mail (Although we ask, securing e-mails from secretaries is difficult as most are not empowered to give them out), best time to reach the Alternate Decision Maker, etc.



The Phone Number on the List is the Direct Dial for a Prospect and/or Customer Decision Maker
When TII�s reps reach the Decision Maker on a database clean-up call, it can be turned into a Database Cleanup/Updating/Name gathering � Lead Generation Combination call. We first go through the same process as in the Database Clean-up/Updating/Name Gathering call above. Then we transition into Lead Generation in the following way:

Transition the Call into Lead Generation
When the (Name on the list) has verified that he/she is the Decision Maker and further verified all the contact information, the TII rep:

  • thanks the Decision Maker for their help and says, �Just one last thing, if I may. (without pausing�)� We have a (new division/new product/new service/an accessory to a product the customer has purchased/other) and we�d appreciate e-mailing information about this for your review. May we do this, please?�

  • NO to E-mail � thank the DM for his/her business again and close courteously

  • YES to E-mail � thank the DM for the chance to e-mail data and ask for the DM�s e-mail address

  • SECURES E-MAIL ADD. � asks if a client rep can call to answer any questions they may have
    If No � thank the customer again for their business and close courteously
    If Yes to Call �.asks if mornings or afternoons are better to receive a call
    A LEAD IS GENERATED when the Decision Maker agrees to receiving material and a rep call

We make all up dates on an Excel spreadsheet as it is or they can be easily imported into whatever contact management/customer relationship management software our client uses.

Database up-dating and Lead Tracking on Excel
Along with updating the contact information and verifying the name on the list as being the Decision Maker (DM), TII reps also ask the following and record it in Excel. We ask:

  • if the Decision Maker wants to receive information

  • the Decision Maker for permission for a rep to call to follow-up and answer any questions they may have

  • NO RESPONSE � thank the customer again for their business and close courteously

  • YES RESPONSE � We ask if mornings or afternoons are better for the DM to receive this call

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