Telemarketing Consulting Training




Consulting - TMI has a team of highly effective contact/call center consultants that conduct assessments to determine:

"What's working and What's Not" in the areas of:

  • people, processes, technology, facilities, comparisons with industry and peer level benchmarks, business processes, workforce management and organization structure, metrics, leading best practices, technology and infrastructure

TMI assessments find ways to improve a Contact/Call Center's:

  • overall operation efficiency and effectiveness, sales performance and revenue growth, customer satisfaction ratings, work force management processes to reduce turnover costs, organizational structure to manage growing call volumes -one more of these identifications can yield an ROI of tens of thousands of dollars

Training - TMI has a team of highly effective contact/call center trainers that conduct on-site call handling training and hands on coaching in the four business growth and maintenance activities of Marketing, Prospecting, Sales and Customer Service That all businesses use to secure and retain customers

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