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Telemarketing Institute (TII) offers two versions of its Conversational Soft Sell Lead Generation Program -  a COMPREHENSIVE and a CONDENSED Version


TII offers its COMPREHENSIVE Version of its trademarked Four Contact Conversational Soft Sell Lead Generation Program because statistics show that 70% of all buying decisions are made after the 5th Contact.  In this version, we conduct the first 4 Contacts on behalf of our client and then transition the qualified leads to our client for their sales reps to do the Contact 5 follow up.   This version is designed for firms that have the following strategic marketing criteria:

  • are an unknown company to the targeted market

  • are introducing a new product/service

  • are testing a new market/s

  • have a product or service that is difficult to explain in a short 3 to 5 minute phone call

  • are targeting Decision Makers who are hard to reach, i.e., people in the medical profession

  • are targeting a C-Level Decision Maker, especially if the company being called is large


The following is a summary of the series of contacts in the four Contact CSS� Lead Generation Program. The CSS� Contacts are based on the statistic that 70% of all buying decisions are made after the 5th Contact.

 CONTACT 1 � Lead Generation ---Verification Call/Voice Mail Message

We first secure/verify the Decision Maker�s (DM�s) name/title/verify address, e-mail, fax # - and ask permission to fax.    When closing, we ask to be put into the DM�s Voice Mail and say we are going to send a Note of Introduction and Guide and appreciate them giving this their consideration. We give them an 800 number to call to decline the receipt of the fax.

 CONTACT 2 � Note of Introduction and Reference Guide

The CSSTM Note of Introduction introduces the company and a top executive.  It gives a strong benefit statement about what is being offered for the DM�s consideration.  The note then lets the DM know a call will follow to ask permission to e-mail detailed information and gives the DM an 800 # to call to decline the receipt of the call.

 The Reference Guide is in newsletter format.  In the left column is the company background and what sets their product/service apart from their competition.  On the right is a description of what is being offered for consideration. 

CONTACT 3 � Lead Qualification Call

In this Contact 3 Lead Qualification phone call:

  • a strong initial benefit statement is given about what is being offered

  • qualifying questions are asked to qualify the Decision Makers (DMs) by their Sales Potential

  • a question is asked to qualify the DMs by their Interest Level

  • a DM is asked for permission for us to send information about what is being offered

  • a DM is asked if a Product Specialist (Soft Sell term for sales rep) can make a follow-up call

CONTACT 4 � Information is E-Mailed/Sent/Faxed (DM�s Choice) with DM�s Permission

Detailed material is sent along with a Transition Letter introducing the rep who will be making the follow-up call

CONTACT 5 � Qualified Lead Follow-Up Call � Client�s rep makes this call, with the DM�s permission. 

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